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Mappls by MapmyIndia-Workmate-Apis

A set of powerful work force management APIs which helps the user to get all the data related to their organizations such as live location employees, client details and task details etc. These workforce management APIs are powered by Mappls own Map, IoT and workmate platform. Mappls Workmate easily integrates into existing cloud services via our workforce management APIs. These APIs helps to improve the organizational effiency by providing location intellegence to employees.

Get Your Key

All of Mappls workmate field force management APIs are powered by OAuth 2.0 framework. You will require an Workmate API access to use the APIs, Share your client ID with API support. You can get your client ID from here.

please contact mappls API support to Workmate APIs access.

Email: Phone Number: +91-11-46009900 Extension: : 952

To know more on how to create your authorization tokens, please use our authorization token URL. More details available here

API documentation Link

Get the workmate API documenation by clicking the below mentioned Link