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Setting Regions - Limiting Geographic Area

Source data can often contain more information than what's needed in your map. For example, an administrative places dataset may contain data for a country OR set of countries OR contain places for the entire world; when you may only need political boundaries for North America or the USA. In this scenario, you can specify a region in SDK to limit the geographic extent of the data that will be tiled.

As of now, the tiles for global maps are enabled by default for all users as a means for users to visually experience our international maps.

Search and Routing APIs are available for the entire world as well; but they are enabled by default for India only for all customers. If any customer wishes to use our Search and Routing Stacks of SDKs & APIs in their apps, please contact our API Support team.

Why limit access?

By reducing the amount of data querying & transference required, you can reduce your API transaction costs and also reduce the amount of time it takes for your job to process.

Now what you as a developer need to do is to specify a region in our APIs/SDKs from the list of globally applicable region values and that's it !! See Country List

To specify the region , refer to the below code. Default is India ("IND")




To select from a country list, use below code (Available from MapmyIndiaAPIKit Version 1.4.19). Default is (.india)