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Traffic Vector Tiles Overlay

Mappls Traffic Vector Tiles is an overlay that you can use to display real-time traffic conditions on a map.
The overlay provides constantly updating congestion information best viewed on Mappls map (Available with all styles of Mappls Map).

Read more for List of Available Styles


To enable/disable Tiles Overlay follow the below code snippet. Default is false.

self.mapView.isTrafficEnabled = false; //To enable/disable all Traffic

To choose from different traffic flow information use below referred code. Default is true.

 self.mapView.isClosureTrafficEnabled = false //To enable/disable Traffic Closure Overlay 

self.mapView.isFreeFlowTrafficEnabled = false //To enable/disable Free Flow (Green) Overlay

self.mapView.isNonFreeFlowTrafficEnabled = false //To enable/disable Non free flow (Red/Orange) Overlay

self.mapView.isStopIconTrafficEnabled = false //To enable/disable Traffic Closure Overlay