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Set Map Style

Mappls offers a range of preset styles to rendering the map. The user has to retrieve a list of styles for a specific account. The listing api would help in rendering specific style as well as facilitate the switching of style themes.

From the below reference code it would become quite clear that user has to specify style names and not URLs to use them. A default style is set for all account users to start with. To know more about available styles, kindly contact

This feature is available from version v5.7.19

List of Available Styles

Explore and choose from our map style list on Live Demo

Subscribe the delegate to get the list of available styles:


func didLoadedMapplsMapsStyles(_ mapView: MapplsMapView, styles: [MapplsMapStyle], withError error: Error?)

Objective C

- (void)didLoadedMapplsMapsStyles:(MapplsMapView *)mapView styles:(NSArray<MapplsMapStyle *> *)styles withError:(nullable NSError *)error;

MapplsMapStyle contains below parameters:

  1. style_Description(String): Description of the style
  2. displayName(string): Generic Name of style mostly used in Mappls content.
  3. imageUrl(String): Preview Image of style
  4. name(String): Name of style used to change the style.

Set Mappls Map Style

To set MapplsMap style reference code is below:


mapView.setMapplsMapStyle("style Name")

Objective C

[self.mapView setMapplsMapStyle:@"Style Name"];

To enable/disable last selected style

To enable/disable loading of last selected style:


MapplsMapConfiguration.setIsShowPreferedMapStyle(false) // true is enable & false is disable(default value is true) 

Objective C

[MapplsMapConfiguration setIsShowPreferedMapStyle:false]; //true is enable & false is disable(default value is true)


Tells the delegate that the style set by user is valid or not.


func didSetMapplsMapStyle(_ mapView: MapplsMapView, isSuccess: Bool, withError error: Error?)

Objective C

-(void)didSetMapplsMapStyle:(MapplsMapView *)mapView isSuccess:(BOOL)isSuccess withError:(nullable NSError *)error;