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DigitalSky Airspace Layers


3 Step process to integrate​

Step 1​

Inside the <head> section of HTML of web page, or wherever else you find more suitable, include the following MapmyIndia javascript code.

src='<access_token>/map_sdk?layer=vector&v=3.0&libraries=geoanalytics&callback=initmap&airspacelayers' defer async></script>

Step 2​

 <div id='map'></div>

Step 3​

To load this widget from MapmyIndia, call the following javascript code AFTER the mapmyindia javascript file (as defined in step 2) has loaded. js <script> function initmap(){ map = new mappls.Map('map', { center: [28.61, 77.23], zoomControl: true, location: true, }); } </script>


Below refered code will load the widget directly on the map. It will show 4 layers for Yellow (based on )and Red zones for Drones including a layers showing India International Boundary.See live Demo

Yellow zone is the airspace above 400 feet in a designated green zone; above 200 feet in the area located between 8-12 km from the perimeter of an operational airport and above ground in the area located between 5-8 km from the perimeter of an operational airport

Red zone is the β€˜no-drone zone’ within which drones can be operated only after a permission from the Central Government.

The layers are:

  • id: coastal_area_india_region_25km named as International Boundary - 25km
  • id: airport_region_radius_8_to_12_km_yellow named as Airport Yellow [8-12]km
  • id: airport_region_radius_5_to_8_km named as Airport Yellow [5-8]km
  • id: airport_region_radius_0_to_5_km named as Airport Red
new mappls.airspaceLayer(
'map': map_object,
'key': '<access_token>',
'position': 'bottomleft', //options - topright, topleft, bottomright
//'multiple': true;
//'defaultLayer':[coastal_area_india_region_25km, airport_region_radius_8_to_12_km_yellow];//this will show only these 2 selected layers.
//'expand': false;
//'showControl': 0;
//'skiplayerIds': [airport_region_radius_0_to_5_km]...this will skip the international boundary layer from the control.

Optional Parameters​

  1. position: to set position of layer UI. Default is bottomleft.
  2. multiple: for multiple layers selection. Default is false.
  3. defaultLayer: layerId default load on map.If not used all 4 layers will be visible unselected in control.
  4. expand: expand layer control UI.Default is true.
  5. showControl: to show or not show controls UI on map default 1. It is for directly loading chosen defaultLayer.
  6. skiplayerIds to skip any laer form control ie. skiplayerIds:['coastal_area_india_region_25km']

Additional Methods​

To remove all Airspace layers from the map

mappls.airspaceRemove({ map: map_object });

To remove a particular layer

map: map_object,
layerId: "coastal_area_india_region_25km",

Sample Implementation​


<title>Mappls Plugin - airspaceLayers</title>
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
<meta name="desciption" content="Mappls airspaceLayers Plugin">
<script src="<access_token>/map_sdk?layer=vector&v=3.0&libraries=geoanalytics&callback=initmap&airspacelayers" defer async></script>

#map {width: 100%;height: 100vh;margin: 0;padding: 0;}

<div id="map"></div>
var map;
function initmap() {
map = new mappls.Map('map', {
center: [28.62, 77.09],
zoom: 5,
search: false,
new mappls.airspaceLayer(
'map': map_object,
'key': 'access_token',
// 'multiple' : true, // Default false
// 'showControl':0, // Default 1
// 'expand': false, // Default true
// skiplayerIds: ['coastal_area_india_region_25km'],
// defaultLayer:['coastal_area_india_region_25km','airport_region_radius_5_to_8_km'],
position: 'bottomleft'