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Skydnn AI APIs


Transform your application with the cutting-edge power of Skydnn AI APIs from MapmyIndia. Our state-of-the-art Computer Vision technology detects, classifies and localizes objects in photographs, and generates a map view of geospatial objects for a variety of geospatial analytics and applications. With these APIs, developers can effortlessly integrate the full suite of Skydnn product and platform functionalities into their own applications, elevating their capabilities to new heights.

How Mappls AI APIs Enhance Value of any Solution

Skydnn AI API is a state-of-the-art API service that takes as input

  • satellite imagery,
  • street photographs and
  • video frames

and returns the response of the inference with confidence score, labels and respective geometry:

  • Object detections as bounding box,
  • inference segmentation as polygon geometry and
  • inference for lane or line markings as polyline.

API Features

Skydnn AI APIs are grouped under various categories providing wide range of functionalities which can be leveraged by enterprise and consumer.

Try out using swagger: Tesselate 1.0